What tools do I need and where can I purchase them?

You will need two screwdrivers to take the device apart. The first screwdriver you will need is a common philips 00. It's sometimes referred to as a jeweler's screwdriver and can be found in screwdriver sets like this one. The second and much less common screwdriver you will need is usually called a tri-wing screwdriver or Torx 360/x50. This tool can be found on various sites online like amazon and eBay, I purchased mine here.

Are there any other tools or supplies I might need?

Miscellaneous Tools

A handy tool when working with the internal cable connectors is a spudger, which is basically a stick made of nylon that generally helps to safely poke and push those hard to reach areas. I recommend this one for its low cost.


If you are going to clean the inside of the device (recommended) you should use cotton swabs and high percentage isopropyl alcohol. This can be found at your local drug store or grocery store, usually with the bandages and other first aid supplies. It's also a good idea to clean out the ports with some canned air which can be found at office supply stores or even online.

Where can I find replacement parts?

EBay and Amazon are probably your best options, but there are also various sites that offer to sell replacement parts according to a search engine query, but be careful what websites you give your payment information to. EBay will almost always have what you need from a reputable seller at the time I'm writing this, but parts will probably be harder to come by in the future.

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